About the artist

Born and raised in New York City, Pam was exposed to fine art at an early age. Visiting museums and galleries was part of a regular ritual that, over time, provided a foundation from which her current artistic vision emerged. Exposure to the early impressionists as well as the contemporary artists of the fifties, led her to enroll in her first formal art class at the Art Students League of New York while in high school.

She continued to pursue her interest in art in college but to a limited extent. Her major fields of study as an undergraduate and in graduate school were in the biological sciences and education.
Since retiring from her career as an academic dean in the Community College System in Illinois, Pam has expanded her world vision through travel and the formal pursuit of art with a focus on watercolor and mixed media. She integrates her skill in photography with her artistic vision finding inspiration for subject matter in objects of nature, land and sky and visualizing how these objects translate into watercolor expressions.

Her understanding of the medium of watercolor continues to be guided, nurtured and expanded through classwork and application. Pam is a member of the Illinois Watercolor Society, Tall Grass Art Society and Union Street Gallery.